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  • Successful Night for Genpower at Pembrokeshire's Business Awards

    Thursday 21st July saw the night that Genpower received the business recognition that it has been striving for.


    Nominated for 'E-Commerce in Business', and 'Business Growth' at Radio Pembrokeshire's Business Awards, Genpower was voted winner of the Business Growth award (sponsored by Evens & Co Accountants) by members of the public and subsequently 'Outstanding Business of the Year' award  (sponsored by The Port of Milford Haven) chosen by a panel of judges out of each category winner.

    Award Winning Power Equipment Suppliers

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  • New Hyundai Garden Machinery Launching Soon

    Since launching in 2014, the Hyundai Power Equipment garden machinery range has provided a high quality and cost-effective option for both novice and experienced gardeners alike. This summer, there will be 7 new items added to the selection, providing even more options for keen gardeners who need machines they know they can rely on.

    Hyundai Petrol Garden Trimmer / Strimmer

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  • Britain Facing Even More Power Cuts, Say 60 Local Authorities

    The Guardian is just one media outlet reporting on the dire state of the energy supply in the UK this week, with 60 local authorities warning that power cuts will likely increase over the next 12 months.

    The local authorities, which make up the Industrial Communities Alliance (ICA), have stated that the National Grid need to fill the supply gap by securing 2,500 megawatts (MW) of generating capacity, which would be enough to power over 2.5 million homes and businesses across the UK.

    Generating Capacity Gap UK National Grid

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  • Underloading Your Generator: All You Need To Know

    Standby diesel generators are designed to run between 50-85% load, with generators designed for continuous running built to work optimally on 70-100% load. If you run a generator for extended periods under these figures, commonly referred to as “underloading,” you risk causing major damage to the engine’s lifespan.

    Diesel Generator

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  • Genpower Attend The Autosport International Show 2016

    Last week Genpower attended the Autosport International Show at the NEC Arena in Birmingham, which attracts over 80,000 motorsport fans every year.

    With the Hyundai Genpower Rally team moving up into the British Rally Championship BRC2 class, the main attraction was their brand new Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X. The car has an updated livery, which features the Hyundai power tool range, and was also mounted on top of two Hyundai diesel generators which caught the eye of many attendees.

    One keen rally fan who spotted the car told us he uses a Hyundai petrol pressure washer to clean his father's rally car after every stage, and is now looking to add an air compressor to his arsenal for spray painting and tyre inflation.

    Roland Llewellin, Managing Director of Genpower and Hyundai Genpower Rally Team driver, was interviewed about the new challenge on the second day of the show:

    Hyundai Genpower Rally Team

    Along with the rally car, we also had a selection of Hyundai Power Equipment and Honda powered BE Pressure machines which are perfect for motorsport enthusiasts. These included:

    • Diesel generators for powering large racing motor homes, as well as keeping garages up and running during power cuts.
    • Air compressors for quickly inflating tyres, as well as powering tools in the workshop.
    • Pressure washers which can make even the dirtiest cars appear brand new after a hard afternoon racing.
    • Open frame petrol generators for powering garage equipment away from the mains supply.


    Genpower Hyundai Rally Team

    The four day event was extremely busy from start to finish and F1 stars such as Felipe Massa, Damon Hill and David Coulthard attracted large crowds, as did the selection of indoor races and displays.

    The recent bad weather which has lead to extensive power cuts and flooding across the UK also caused many attendees to approach us about backup diesel generators and water pumps. Several of the people we spoke to were understandably frustrated and wanted to take action into their own hands.

    One garage owner told us he suffered several power cuts throughout late December, which greatly impacted his ability to work and feared that this trend would continue whenever bad weather was forecast in his area. He was extremely interested in the Hyundai DHY8000SELR standby diesel generator, which we were displaying on our custom stand.

    Standby Diesel Generators

    Overall the event was a huge success for Genpower, and we hope to return to the show next year after a successful 2016 in the BRC2 rally class.

    To follow the progress of the Hyundai Genpower Rally Team this year, be sure to regularly check their blog for news, pictures and in-car videos.

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