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  • Genpower Duo Return to London for Work Experience

    A few weeks ago two members of the Genpower team, Annie and Mel, spent a week in London on work experience at Pimlico Plumbers and Fortnum and Mason. This week they've gone back to London but swapped roles, with Annie now at Fortnum and Mason and Mel at Pimlico Plumbers.

    Mel PlumberMel's had a busy week in the PR department so far, with some of her experiences including watching the BBC film "Fake Britain" at the Pimlico premises and attending "The Business Show" with Charlie Mullins.

    Mel is one of our graphic designers and our photographer and we're excited to see what new ideas she'll come back with next week!

  • Congratulations to Callum from SGM Contracts Ltd

    We'd like to congratulate Callum from SGM Contracts Ltd who was one of two lucky winners in our dealer competition to win an iPad in April.

    We received a picture from him this morning with his prize:

    April iPad winner

    SGM is a leading provider of machinery hire, sales, servicing and parts for the professional groundcare sector. They also supply lawn mowers and garden machinery sales and servicing to domestic home gardeners who value specialist knowledge and experience.

  • Get The Best Out of Your BBQ

    Last week we posted a simple guide for servicing a petrol lawnmower. We know that now the sun is out families are going to want gardens looking their best so you they enjoy them. Because of this we thought it would be wise to throw together a quick guide on getting the best out of your BBQ!


    1. Be Patient

    It’s tempting to throw your food on the grill as soon as the fire is in full swing and the flames are shooting up, but this is only going to lead to your food getting burnt rather than cooked. Wait until the flames have died down and the coals are white hot. This will provide your grill with enough heat to cook on without incinerating your food.

    1. Keep Flipping

    Even when the flames are dying down it’s still important to remember to flip your food. You don’t need to go crazy, but flipping it every minute or so will provide a nice, even cook all over and will make it easier to know you’ve cooked the meat through thoroughly.

    1. Have a “Safe Zone”

    It’s a good idea to leave one corner of your BBQ without too many coals so you can put any food which is cooking quicker than the rest there. Generally, the more coals there are in one area the hotter the grill will be, so try to spread them out evenly and make your safe zone contain only a few. This area will keep your food warm when you finish off the rest of your food.


    1. Check Your Meat

    When your food has been on for a reasonable time and looks cooked, play it safe and cut it open anyway. You don’t want to give your friends and family food poisoning after all. One good tactic is to pick the largest piece of each type of meat and see if that’s properly cooked. If it is, the smaller ones almost certainly will be too. When you’re cooking meat on a BBQ it’s always wise to play it safe.

    1. Enjoy Your Food!

    Once you’re sure your food is safe to feed your guests and eat yourself it’s time to sit on your lawn and enjoy the fruits of your labour. If you notice your lawn is getting a bit long again, make sure you take out your Hyundai lawnmower to give it a once over before your next BBQ!

    Hyundai Lawnmower HYM51SPE

  • Freelance Technical Writer Wanted

    If you know your machinery inside and out, can write a good article and would like to make some extra money then we have a fantastic opportunity for you.

    We’re looking for a technical writer who can take our products and write interesting product descriptions, web listings, 'in use' and 'how to' articles. The articles will be used to promote our product range via web listings, PR articles and brochures etc.

    Technical Writer Wanted


    The writer would be provided with a model from the Hyundai Power Equipment range and be expected to assemble out of the box, test run and undertake basic servicing tasks, taking detailed photos and providing detailed written content. Ideally you will have experience in the garden machinery industry and be capable of providing high quality written content.

    If you'd like to apply for this position, please email roland@genpower.co.uk

  • Genpower Solar Energy is Now Live

    1000 solar panels on the roof of Genpower are now active and providing the building with green and renewable energy. The solar panels take up roughly one quarter of the roof on our 10,000sq metre building and are capable of producing 250kW.


    We also have two brand new 199kW Herz biomass boilers installed in the warehouse, which are fueled by locally produced and sustainable wood chips and provide a cost effective heat source for the building. Through the government backed Renewable Heat Incentive scheme we are able to safeguard our energy costs for the next 20 years.


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