Channel 4's 'Blackout' Raises Concern and Debate Over British Energy Sector

Ofgem have commented that the rise in UK Blackouts has tripled this year

On Monday night, the social networking and bloggosphere was awash with talk about a ‘docudrama’ created and shown on Channel 4 called ‘Blackout‘. Based on the premise that Britain’s National Grid has been the victim of a cyber attack and that the entire supply of electricity in the UK had been cut off, the focus of the program was to show what effects such a situation would have on day-to-day life. We had heard about this program the week before, and we had put the feelers out on our last newsletter for people to tune in.

Armed with the Twitter hashtag ‘#blackout‘, businesses and consumers took to their social networks to discuss their thoughts and also their fears in regards to what they were watching.

The program in our eyes did a good job of focusing on the effects that a blackout can have on a community, or in this case a nation. What was interesting about ‘Blackout’ was that they had clearly thought about the domino effect that a prolonged power outage can have. Scenarios and situations that you would not have thought of, but when thinking about it rationally, become perfectly plausible situations.

‘Blackout’ on Channel 4, depicting life in a UK-wide prolonged power outage

The drama part of the program focused on a family man who was very prepared for a situation such as this, but what he had not counted on was the unpreparedness of others and the knock on effect that would have on his life. Instead of him being able to cocoon himself, he was inevitably sucked into the perils and chaos that had descended on the masses all over Great Britain.

Now, we know this was a television show. We know that although our perspective allows us to view this as a warning and a wake-up-call to many about how prepared they are if viagra in usa a situation like this were to come around.

From our point of view, we have been quite active in discussions based on the scenarios depicted by ‘Blackout’ for some time now. A large part of our business involves talking to people who need to be prepared for the outcomes that many had not envisaged. We are in the backup generator business and we hear about these kinds of things all day, every day.

The fact of the matter is, the threat of blackouts such as those dramatised by Channel 4 are far from being the work of a few paranoid filmmakers.

Power Lines

Ofgem, the UK’s energy regulator released a report last year that if we continue to use energy in the same way as we do now without changing our behaviours on consumption, or attitude towards renewable energies, the shortfall left would create the need for rolling blackouts in the UK.

The BBC reported this at the time:, but since then the escalation of our insatiable appetite and reliance on electricity has meant that we could run out even sooner. Again, this was reported by the Guardian only in June.

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If nothing else, we’re glad a show like ‘Blackout’ was commissioned and shown, as it did highlight the very real issues linked to what is now a very real threat to the way we live our lives. If you want to make your own mind up, then we recommend you to watch again on 4oD. The link is here:

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After a busy three days, we are very excited by the amount of interest shown in the new garden machinery products.

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Risk Of Blackouts Tripled – Generator Sales Expected to Soar!

The risk of blackouts in the UK has triped over the last 12 months!

Ofgem have reported that Britain could see increased prices as the country faces an energy crunch!

It is all down to the margin of electricity supply capacity over demand, which could narrow dangerously by as soon as 2015, statistically putting the UK at a high risk of blackouts & power losses!

It has been reported that businesses may be asked to close due to busy periods in the day to compensate for the public consumption of energy.

This news is huge, and is likely to signal cheap price viagra a surge in the demand for back up generators in preparation for these blackouts!

Genpower Ltd can provide all dealers with the products and services to help you, as a business, prepare for the energy crash and increase in sales!

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Workshop Tales – Part 1

The intention of this report is to provide tips and information to aid in the on going use of any equipment sold by us here at Genpower!

Let me start with the introductions to our crew

Adrian Griffiths, will be the first port of call for anyone contacting our technical department , in the unlikely event that you experience any problems or just need some advice please do not hesitate to call him.                                                                                                                                                               Alun, is the workshop foreman and looks after the phones for the more in depth technical questions. Adrian Allerton, or “the inverter king” as he has been tagged is the longest serving employee here at Genpower  and there is nothing he does not know about leisure suitcase generators he also has a passion for goats but I won’t go into that now.                                                                                           Next, we have Kareem, six foot plus of machine testing precision with eyes like a hawk when preparing machines for despatch.                                                                                                                          Chris is the warehouse guy and if you should order any service parts or spares it will be him that packs and despatches them.                                                                                                                         Finally there is myself Adrian Duggan , yes a third Adrian , this can get a bit confusing, however we do have a system of referring to the correct Ade that I am not prepared to go into right now.

Introductions over, let’s try to write something informative or remotely interesting.

Due to the popularity of our ranges of Hyundai and Evopower equipment our workshops have become increasingly busy of late, keeping up with demand for products through our door has become a challenge to say the least. Our force of four engineers test every machine in what we call a PDI or pre delivery inspection , these test take between fifteen minutes and two hours depending on the machine and give us a chance of testing all aspects and functions before despatch. Adding up the hours required we recently realised that an increase in workforce was needed to cope with the demand and to ensure that the quality of testing was maintained .Welcome to the crew, Geoff and Steve, two new guys ,both from an engineering background and welcome additions to the team.

Four become six, this increase presented a serious problem that showed itself within the first week. As four engineers we may have had eight to ten machines running outside the workshop doors at once, some months ago we fitted a Carbon Monoxide alarm in our workshop that was duly forgotten about, now that we are six there became a possibility of up to fifteen machines running at once, and you have guessed it, the inevitable happened . “beep beep beep beep “not a clue from any of us of the Carbon Monoxide levels in the workshop. This highlighted to us up to the hidden dangers of this unseen and odourless killer gas. All of our engine driven equipment  has a  prominent warning sticker and a large laminated label affixed to the handle warning of the dangers of this invisible gas. Machines in a garage doorway, outside an open window or in any enclosed space represent a hazard. If in doubt, fit a Carbon Monoxide alarm – it could save your life. In our case it highlighted the danger and to resolve the issue we are installing a large open air covered area outside our workshop door so that machinery can be tested in the open air but under shelter from our wonderful British weather. Conclusions  can be drawn from this, ALWAYS READ THE WARNING LABELS and if in doubt, fit a Carbon Monoxide alarm.

That’s us then, safe and well, and looking forward to providing some more top real viagra online without prescription tips of a less serious nature in our next “Workshop Tales” .

Provided by Adrian D.

Happy Father's Day!!

Father’s day seems to have creeped upon us yet again this year! And if your not aware, it is this Sunday! Are you a dad? Or are you going to be spoiling that special someone? Whether dad’s are DIY savvy or not, a popular Father’s Day activity seems to be DIY and Gardening, with power equipment & tools being the most popular gifts more than anything else!

We want to know what you will be doing on Sunday, whether you are a dad or planning that special day with your dad? Relaxing, DIY, viagra soft Being Spoilt?

Whatever it may be, let us know below & give us some ideas here in the office! If you have any questions about using those tools and equipment this weekend, call our experienced team!

Happy Father’s Day!

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